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Chiko Galera


Chiko Galera: Athlete and sports entrepreneur, founder of the HEIT sports academy located in Novo Sancti-Petri in 1999, creator of several tennis and padel teaching systems, trainer of players, coaches and creator of the chik bottijieri channel on YouTube. Organizer of various sporting events (tennis/paddle/paddle beach/surf/cycling days) and a true ambassador of sport and fun in Chiclana de la Frontera.  

Chiko has competed in different sports disciplines.  Champion of the university soccer league in Madrid two consecutive years.  He is a training lover  and effort, created the first high-performance tennis academy  in the province of Cadiz taking various players to the top provincial, regional and national positions.

Chiko is tremendously enterprising and creative, he is passionate about  create services and events giving a very premium touch to everything they do.

He firmly believes in teams of people united with the same cause  

and in training them to offer quality services

In 2014, I created the VIF (very important friend) concept as a definition of the best possible clients for your business.

He will do the impossible to ensure that you enjoy and have a great time  during your stay in Chiclana.

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